We are pleased to offer preparation courses for the Trinity Secure English Language Test (SELT) Exams.

Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE) is a contemporary four skills qualification intended for young people and adults – typically at school, college or university. It is also suitable for teachers and other adults who require a respected English language qualification.

ISE assesses students’ ability to interact in English in an authentic and meaningful way through the use of integrated reading and writing tasks and integrated speaking and listening tasks. Preparing for ISE builds real-life English skills and transferable skills required for academic study and employability.
ISE is available at five levels from A1 to C1 on the Common European Framework (CEFR), so there is a level for every learner.

About the Course:

The content of the course will vary depending on the needs of the learners. You will review and practice language improvement, grammar, lexis and phonology. You will also familiarise yourself with the SELT exam structure and criteria. The training materials are also provided together with details guidance on how to pass the exam.


Short and long courses

XX hours a week

Minimum X months (This can be extended to meet your needs)



Entry requirements:

The preparation course will prepare you for the exam but you need to be the correct level of English to pass this exam. Before starting a course we will assess your English language level and your skills in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. If you are not the level required for the exam we will suggest courses you can do to improve your English before you sit the exam.


Registration Fees:


Course Fees

  • 2 Sessions per week: £576 (3 months)
  • 2 Sessions per week: £1248 (6 months)

[For a more detailed look please refer to our English course fee document]

All students are expected to pay four weeks worth of fees in advance at the beginning of the course: £168. Then as the course progresses there is a flexible paying scheme to pay (weekly- multiple weeks at a time) to meet the students needs.

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Registration Fees:


Deposit Required for Student Visa Letters (requirement for all educational institions) : 

  • 6 Months: £1500
  • 9 Months: £2000

Course Fees :

  • 6 Months: £3900 (15hr per week)
  • 9 Months: £5850 (15hr per week)


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