We offer a variety of undergraduate HNCs (Higher National Certificates) and HNDs (Higher National Diplomas) qualifications at Anglo Skills College.

HNC’s and HND’s are vocational higher qualifications which often include practical elements as well as theory, and equip students with the key concepts and practical skills required to start a career in a wide range of areas, those that combine workplace learning and academic study.

Why take and HNC or HND course?

  • HNCs and HNDs are flexible bachelor’s degree pathway programmes and can be converted into a full degree with additional relevant study.
  • If you’ve already completed an HNC, you may be able to complete a relevant HND in one year.
  • HNC’s and HND’s qualifications are highly regarded and recognised by employers both in the UK and international
  • Gaining an HNC or HND can help you progress to, or within employment, and can also count towards membership of professional bodies and other employer organisations.

Our Undergraduate Course options are:

HNC Courses

- One level below an HND course.
- Equivalent to studying one year at university. Students taking an HNC can transfer to the second year of a degree course.
- Takes one year to complete full time, or two years when studied part-time.

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HND Courses

- One level above an HNC course
- Equivalent to studying two years at university.
- Takes two years to complete full time, or three to four years when studied part time.
- HND normally enables you start the third year of a degree course.

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