Distance Learning


Distance Learning is 100% online, 100% coursework & 100% self-study. It means you can study a course from home, from work or even while you’re on the move. Distance learning courses are delivered entirely by computer and over the internet using the Moodle platform, offering you flexibility in your distance learning - no matter what your requirements are or where you are in the world.

Students will be given access to guidelines & resources via moodle platform (virtual learning environment) and can study at any time that is convenient for them. The tutor will provide written feedback to students on draft work before final submission. Students will be encouraged to participate in chat groups to support each other and the Moodle platform will facilitate this remotely.

Key benefits of distance learning are:

1) receive the same qualification certificates as on-campus students and certificates do not have the mode of study on them

2) study the same on-campus courses with course materials made available online via the moodle platform

3) have a similar work to on-campus students

4) have access to instructor support and tutor support

5) can study from anywhere in the world

Distance Learning


At Anglo Skills College, we have made the distance learning one of the easiest to access as we have simplified its process as follows;

1. Initial Assessment

You have to complete our online assessment that will help determine your level and as well determine your weaknesses in order to know what is the best approach towards you when you enrol.

2. You enrol

You join thousands of other Anglo Skills College students enjoying all the advantages of distance/on-line learning. Follow the straightforward procedure shown and it is done all online and in few minutes.

3. Fees Payment

You then have to pay your tuition fees and any other fees applicable to you given the instalments proposed by the college with an initial deposit which applies to everyone. (International students have to pay their whole tuition fee upfront.)

4. You Become A Registered Student with the College

Once your enrolment and payment done, you become a registered student with the college. Your details will be assessed, and a personal Tutor will be allocated to you. You will then be created an online student portal where you will receive your first study materials, including your Assignments, and clear instructions so that you can start learning right away. A student email will be created for you too. Using your student number.

5. You Start Learning Your New Skills

Immediately, you will see why your training materials are so valuable - they are online videos, tutorials, links and lectures to help you acquire the intended skills. You will be asked to complete an Assignment covering the new information you have learned. You then submit your Assignment online, which your tutor will assess and mark.

6. Your Personal Tutor Encourages And Advises

Your tutor, who will be helping you through your course, is an expert in his or her own field. Additionally tutors are also experienced in teaching and supporting by distance/on-line learning. Your assignment will be marked, a grade awarded, and it will be returned to you with all the comments, feedback and guidance that you will need. And if you have any specific queries or problems just ask your tutor... as often as you like throughout the course.

7. You Continue To Learn More 

You will learn new skills, demonstrating your rapidly increasing knowledge of your chosen subject. As you progress, further training materials are supplied if applicable, and these build up into a valuable reference library which is yours to keep. Your Tutor will guide and encourage you throughout your course.

8. Certificate and Diploma Awards

With your pace of study attuned to your own needs, you will soon find that you have completed your course. Provided that your Assignments have received adequate grades you will be awarded your CERTIFICATE or DIPLOMA from the College demonstrating your proven knowledge and skills. Above all, you will have enjoyed your learning experience.