Financial support

Student finance Support

All full time Students studying at Anglo skills college applied for student Loan can receive support for their living costs for example food, travel and rent. How much you can get depend on household income and place where you live. It paid in instalments to your bank account at beginning of each term.

  • Extra Financial Help and Support

Anglo skills college is a registered higher education Provider.  All full- time home students   register on HND Course may be able to claim extra financial help in some circumstances. Extra help may be available on top of Student Loans, grants, if you have children or adult dependants, a disability, if you’re in financial hardship or if you’re taking certain types of course. The Childcare Grant may be able to help with childcare costs, and the Parents’ Learning Allowance with costs related to your course.

  • Students with a disability

If you have an impairment, medical condition or a learning difficulty, you may be entitled to claim extra financial help as a student – including Disabled Students’ Allowance.

  • Benefits for students with low incomes

Most full-time students are not entitled to claim social security benefits. However, if you are a part-time student, you may be eligible for income-related benefits such as Housing Benefit or Income Support. Contact your local Jobs and Benefits Office for information.

  • Students in financial difficulty

Anglo Skills college (ASC) is newly registered higher education college. ASC is not offering any type of hardship and extra financial support for the academic year 2023-24.